Payment Card Processing

Fast, Secure Point-of-Sale Transactions that are EMV Ready

Genius technology from TSYS integrates with Inform ERP to process and accept payment while delivering a seamless customer experience. Inform ERP leverages the Genius platform to give your customers the flexibility of paying with lightning-fast chip card transactions, debit cards with PINs or swipes. Genius processing hardware is only available directly from TSYS (formerly known as Cayan).

Deliver the ultimate counter experience 

  • 4 second EMV transactions
  • Digital signature capture
  • Transaction line-item display
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Level 3 processing
  • Lower-cost PIN debit card processing
  • Securely handles eCommerce transactions

Hacker-fighting technology for peace of mind

  • Cardholder information never enters Inform
  • Optional CardVault securely stores card data
  • Enhanced security through tokenization and point-to-point encryption
  • Digital wallet supported through contact list technology/NFC
  • TSL 1.1 encryption (or higher) to comply with the latest PCI standards

Merchant Processor Solutions with EMV Certification

 First Data

A World-Class Checkout Experience for Businesses of All Sizes

You have the option to choose between TSYS' own Merchant Processing Service or any of the following Merchant Processors listed for easy credit, debit and pin based payment options.