The Real Cost of Not Upgrading Your Technology

Business Operations Series | Issue 2


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There’s a common temptation for today’s distributors to delay technology upgrades due to perceived inconveniences and cost. But, when it comes to your ERP, failing to implement new advances is detrimental to your company’s growth. Therefore, ERP upgrades ought to be seen as a valuable asset that ensures you save money over the long-term.

Aside from immediate benefits like improved efficiency and visibility, many distributors haven’t considered that if they don’t upgrade, they won’t be able to take advantage of new technology advances. New categories of technology—advanced analytics, machine learning, the Internet of
Things—all have practical and potentially industry-changing applications in industrial markets.1

Replacing a business system is not just about getting a “newer” version of the same system. Instead, an investment in new technology can change the direction of your business.

Top 5 Red Flags Your ERP is Outdated

  1. End of Support Phase is Near
  2. Missing Critical Updates/Patches
  3. Running Multiple Systems for Fundamental Business Requirements
  4. Reporting and Data Analytics Cannot Be Easily Retrieved
  5. Business Inefficiencies and Low Productivity

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