Make Every Customer Connection Count

Embedded CRM for meaningful client connections

Elevate and Strengthen Relationships

Teams with the right information, at the right time, strengthen customer relationships, incite loyalty and provide superior service over competitors. Inform CRM (Customer Relationship Management) harnesses the data within your software to drive meaningful client conversations for engagement that turns into sales.

  • Engage customers with proactive communication
  • Synchronize events and tasks across devices and calendars
  • Get a complete view of the customer, supplier and partner relationships
  • Provide teams with conversational touch points like personal notes, contact activity history, open tasks, purchase history, order status, and related selling opportunities

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Engage Customers with Meaningful Insights

The best businesses don’t leave critical customer moments to chance. Inform puts detailed contact information at the forefront, enabling teams to easily act on sales opportunities.

  • Track and report contact communication alongside entire organization activity
  • Instantly create a one-click order entry, order or price inquiry and add follow-up activities
  • View A/R rank and activity history
  • Launch pre-filled sales orders and price quotes
  • Access quick pivot table sales analysis
  • Easily run sales opportunity reports

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Align Resources for Growth

Wholesale distributors use Inform's multi-dimensional rankings to strategically price customers, reassign selling resources and guide unified marketing efforts. Monitor your business to carry out bench marking and performance based management actions when needed.

Inform helps distributors measure customer value with 6 optional snapshots that matter most to your business including:

  • RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)
  • Invoices
  • Sales
  • Profit
  • Average Pay Days
  • Lines Shipped

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Inspire High Performing Teams

Leverage individual and group calendars for visibility across operations. Inform's home calendar screen displays robust group views and shared details for insight into your teams events and customer next steps.

  • Gain a 360° view of department specific operations including sales, inventory, back orders and more
  • Manage staff and sales opportunities with confidence
  • Ensure productive follow-up activities and the completion of next steps in a timely manner, including ship dates


Optimize Sales Reporting

Inform CRM helps wholesale distributors idenitfy growth opportunities and resolve business issues with live reporting functionality.

  • Salesperson-specific Reporting: Use interactive territory dashboards to get actionable insights into order status, back orders, sales and profit performance. One click to details of any related order, product, sale or credit
  • Sales Pipeline Forecasting: Build and proactively manage sales lead nurturing and bid opportunities, track follow-ups and manage salesperson performance


Learn more about CRM

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DDI's dedicated solutions expert Lisa is available to answer any questions you may have about CRM, CEM and other Inform tools.