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DDI Case Study

Allston Supply

“I think the system is great! It's the complete antithesis of StanPak."

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Industry: Janitorial and Sanitation
Solutions Highlighted: Electronic signature capture, Fully integrated CRM, Paperless workflows

I love the transparency of the system. If I see something strange I can easily backtrack in the system and see where I went wrong and correct the mistake. There are no longer the “unknown consequences” we had with our old system.

Growing with Today’s Technology Advances

In 1945, Albert Cohen was looking to start a business with the $2,000 he won playing cards while returning from the war. Albert opened Oderite Sanitation Service, cleaning bars from the back of his truck. Albert’s one man operation continued to grow, bringing in additional family members, changing its name and moving to different locations along the way. Now lead by the 2nd and 3rd generation, Allston Supply in Springfield, MA is one of the largest janitorial supply houses in the northeast.

Last year, Allston Supply realized it was time to upgrade their technology, their current company was increasing support fees and heavily charging for upgrades. They wanted a system to reduce costs, streamline operations, and take advantage of progressive software features available today.

Switching from StanPak to DDI’s Inform ERP Software

After checking with other distributors, Allston Supply decided to upgrade their existing Activant StanPak software to DDI System’s Inform ERP Software. Making the switch just 6 years after their last conversion seemed too soon, however, according to Bob Cohen, Executive Vice President, the new software choice was a much needed change. “A lot of people we knew were pushing us to DDI instead of remaining with Activant. Fellow Triple S members and friendly competitors alike were all utilizing DDI’s Inform software and raving about it, the choice was a no brainer!”

When asked about the conversion Roger Cohen, President and Treasurer, couldn’t have been more positive. “DDI’s team came in and converted our data in one afternoon! It was so refreshing to have them here for an entire week. They spent time with everyone, in all departments. DDI’s customer service during and after implementation has truly been a joy to work with.”

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