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Free Whitepaper: How Distributors Can Thrive by Changing their Inventory Game

Better Demand Forecasting for the "Perfect PO"

If your demand management process isn’t helping you boost inventory turns and operational efficiency, you’re wasting a significant opportunity.  Take a look at how modern demand management and inventory forecasting will help you ensure availability (hint:  it’s all about exceptions), become an invaluable partner to your customers, and drive sales with this whitepaper.  This paper reflects insights from more than two decades of ERP experience with thousands of wholesale distributors.

Inform ERP is the Top-Rated Wholesale Distribution Management Solution 

Our users are mid-sized distributors throughout North America - progressive companies of all sizes in the HVAC, PHCP, paper, packaging, JanSan, industrial, safety, and electrical markets.

Single-System Approach Enables Maximum Efficiency 

Our ERP combines CRM, reporting, analytics, eCommerce and accounting into one solution. This eliminates the challenge of complex, interconnected, or disconnected manual systems that have weak adoption, and drain performance from your growing business.

Continuously Evolving with You

Inform ERP continually evolves. Our remarkable upgrades keep your business current, driving sales and profits with the best-in-class distributor workflow.

Real-time Analysis

Inform's analytics, embedded CRM, demand planning, and distributor operations software presents easier to understand information, so you can make better decisions, faster.


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