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Three key areas for modernizing distribution

"Adapting to a Changing Marketplace" eBook

DDI_eBook-Download.pngTaking business to the next level of profitable growth requires a transformative company mindset and integrated business technologies that transcends common pain points. Determining which areas to focus on first to meet these goals commonly impacts the ability to move forward. In this publication, we spotlight 3 key areas of focus that leverage the data within your ERP system to deliver immediate results and grow your business.

Inform ERP is the Top-Rated Wholesale Distribution Management Solution: Our users are mid-sized distributors throughout North America - progressive companies of all sizes in the HVAC, PHCP, paper, packaging, jansan, industrial, safety, and electrical markets.

Embedded customer engagement tools to elevate and strengthen relationships: Inform combines the power of a proprietary blend of CRM and deeply integrated customer engagement tools to help create client connection opportunities and meaningful conversations.

Portable access for sales teams to customer-specific data that drives performance: Allow your sales team to drill-down into orders, invoices, sales history and customer specific information - anytime, anywhere.

Built-in analytics and forecasting dashboards for insight into KPIs: Inform delivers unparalleled reporting capabilities and the power to make better, faster decisions at your fingertips.

Mobile responsive eCommerce storefronts to engage customers 24/7: DDI System's Inform eCommerce customer portal directly connects to Inform, providing real-time price and stock, eliminating double entry or overnight synchronizing of orders, pricing or inventory.

DDI System is committed to helping you gain a competitive edge. Inform ERP software combines the most insightful analytics and progressive technology to ensure your operations continually exceed excellence.


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