Financial Management

Accounting and Bank Reconciliation

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Inform creates valuable financial audit trails required for today's businesses. CFO's and CPA's embrace core financial and accounting details for 360° view of business financials.

Accounts Receivable: Improve profitability with instant, real-time access to all transactions. Inform's organized, up-to-date information is at your fingertips

  • Keep track of customers with open balances, apply payments, adjust invoices, and more
  • Leverage embedded CRM insight for collection, sales and customer service teams with one central repository to review customer account interactions history

Monitor A/R Collection Issues: Trap orders for customers who are becoming credit risks with automatic, real-time aging and credit-limit checks during order entry.

  • Easily create and automate overdue balance customer lists for your collections team
  • Take action on outstanding payments and open balances, no matter the size

Accounts Payable: Achieve precise product costing and efficiently manage your vendor payments with easy-to-use invoicing and cash disbursement tools.

  • Take care of last minute invoices at the end of the day through Inform's logical and organized A/P workflow
  • Quickly enter payment details and print out checks in minutes, avoiding the hassle of lost, voided or incorrect checks

Financial reporting

A Refreshing Look at Financial Reporting

Experience simplified reporting with incredibly intelligent insight into accounting and financial reports that enable distributors to drive out costs.

  • Eliminate time consuming end-of-day/month postings while maintaining access to all of your historical accounting data
  • Post transactions to the general ledger in real-time
  • Sort transactions by G/L source, branch or profit center for the most accurate and organized data
  • Eliminate multi-part forms & filing, postings and end-of-day tasks
  • Automatically archive customer invoices, statements, journals and financial reports
  • Save time and money with paper and file-free workflows plus reprint, fax or email documents on demand

Financial Reporting

Seamless Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile bank accounts/statements quickly with the help of Inform's detailed bank reconciliation screen.

  • Color coded reconciliation balance updates automatically as you check off transactions, making it easy to match to your bank statement
  • View details of underlying transactions for any item with drill-down capabilities
  • Automatically save new work - even after reconciling - and review your bank reconciliation at a later time for adjustments with the Bank Reconciliation Report

Inform ERP Bank reconciliation