Warehouse Management System

Wireless Technology for Error-Free Warehouse Operations

Eliminate Errors, Gain Efficiencies

DDI System’s real-time wireless warehouse handling system provides all the features you need to achieve great efficiency and error free inventory handling.

  • Reduce travel time around the warehouse with paperless workflows
  • Decrease errors and miss-picks resulting in higher customer retention
  • Real-time accurate inventory levels across all warehouses
  • Eliminate timely and costly year-end physical inventory counting

RF warehouse system

Streamlined Warehouse Operations

Wireless Warehouse gives you greater control over your entire inventory. Easy-to-Use Picking, Receiving and Transfer Capabilities

  • Physical inventory counting is more efficient
  • Break down on-hand product quantities by bin location
  • Lookup inventory quantities for a product or choose a new primary bin location
  • Pick sales orders by individual or by truck
  • Picking routes assigned by bin location to maximize productivity
  • Simply and accurately transfer product between branches
  • Automatically receive vendor stock or assign to bin locations

wireless warehouse barcode scanner

Take It to Next Level

The next generation of warehouse management focuses on streamlined operations and in-depth insight into your warehouse operations.

  • Real-time dashboard and analytics with powerful KPI's
  • License Plating that manages a group of products as a single unit effectively managing shipping, transferring and truck loading of mixed pallets or boxes with a single scan
  • Automatic scheduling of bin locations and assigning to job queue
  • Job Dispatcher features drag & drop functionality for bins counts, order picks or replenishment