Reporting & Analysis

Unparalleled Reporting Capabilities

The power to make better, faster decisions is at your fingertips with Inform’s powerful and intuitive reporting functions. Gain detailed insight into every aspect of your business with extremely powerful tools built right into our software eliminating the use of third party tools.

Performance Dashboards in ERP Software

Business Performance Dashboards

  • New dashboard layout allows every user to create a customizable dashboard of the sales and inventory metrics important to them.
  • Ongoing additions to Inform’s Advanced Report Writer add more files, fields, and records joins. Added additional dynamic date selection options, including ‘Next Business Day’.
  • Added Stock Transfer In/Out fields to the Inventory Pivot Table Cube Editor.
  • New Pivot Table Save As option to craft new cubes based on existing layouts.

Sophisticated Reporting that is Remarkably Easy to Use

From our years of experience working with distributors, we’ve listened to the difficulties they face with their current software systems. The most challenging problem we hear relates to quality analysis. If you want unprecedented insight into your business’s current, future and past metrics, strengths and weaknesses, Inform ERP is your software solution, providing easy-to-access information in customizable drill-down menus.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Take your reporting even farther with custom reports that are built with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once built, you can save for future use, export to view in other applications and schedule to have delivered to your mobile devices as often as you need them. You can also choose from more than 50 pre-built reports from our ARW Library to download and import into Inform.