MobiOrderMobiOrder / Distribution Sales App

Enable your on-the-go distribution sales team with deep access to ERP information that boosts sales performance. MobiOrder delivers real-time, touch-enabled mobile access to sales order creation, customer service / customer account details and territory performance dashboards. Allow your sales team to drill-down into orders, invoices, sales history and customer specific information - anytime, anywhere.

All real-time in a tablet and touch friendly web interface, MobiOrder works on any tablet, laptop or smartphone regardless of the operating system.

"Our sales team is using DDI System's Inform ERP MobiOrder app and getting great feedback. We're performing managed inventories, submitting quotes and showing product options, right in front of the customer. Our customers are impressed with our new mobile capability.  It's very cool." - Combined Sales  

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Vendor Managed InventoryQuickOrder / Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed InventoryMake available an easier, more efficient ordering process with Inform's QuickOrder to quickly scan items directly into a sales order.

QuickOrder for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI app for the Apple iOS platform), empowers wholesale distributors to deliver true value-added services to their customers. Use QuickOrder to build replenishment orders and manage inventory at your customer's site, using barcodes and text searches. Salespeople easily manage their customer’s local inventory by scanning and counting, or scanning and entering an order quantity. Quickly collect electronic signatures for proof-of-delivery when replenishing from your mobile warehouse. The real-time connection to Inform ERP distribution software returns precise inventory, customer specific pricing and planned replenishment guidance.

QuickOrder is also an efficient way to streamline sales assisted orders in your warehouse or showroom.

Build complex sales orders by scanning barcoded product and bin labels into your Apple iOS device. Walk around with your customers and build their order, suggesting products and related items along the way. Search for items that were previously ordered and check all available inventory. Complete the order and send a confirmation right from your iOS device. Immediately ready for pick up, delivery or carry out. Empower your sales people to make great relationships, get the order and create returning buyers.

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Sales Order AutomationSales Order Automation

Inform OrderConnect & APConnect offers an easy-to-implement software solution that removes the need for manual entry and takes automated order processing to a whole new level. Inform's sales order automation through OrderConnect & APConnect offers 100% data accuracy and the seamless simplicity of working with your customers’ existing ordering systems. 

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Distributor-AnalyticsDistributor Analytics

Distributors tell us that the most difficult issue they face with their current system is easily obtaining quality business analysis. Inform’s business intelligence tools provide unprecedented insight and analytics into the strengths and weaknesses of your past, present and future business metrics - all in easy to access and customizable drill-down menus. Additionally, we recommend these ERP partners who can help business owners take their business performance analytics to the next level.

MITS - advanced reporting

MITS - Helps hundreds of wholesale distributors leverage the data in their ERP business systems to make better decisions, every day and at every level of the organization. MITS’ interactive reporting and business intelligence software combines industry best practices with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of every distributor. Visit or follow them on Twitter @MITSDistributor.

Sales-i software

Sales-i - Offers award-winning business and customer intelligence software and is the fastest growing sales and customer intelligence service in the USA. Today small, medium and large sales organizations rely on Sales-i to accelerate their sales and customer intelligence. Visit or follow them on Twitter @sales_i.

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Strategic PricingStrategic Pricing

Our distribution market specific pricing systems are highly tuned and based on a deep understanding of pricing in our customer’s vertical markets. Multi dimensional price flexibility includes grouping by price group, product line and product, combined with customer category, customer, job and vendor. 

Evergreen consulting for wholesale distribution

Evergreen Consulting - A specialized consulting firm advising the wholesale distribution channel. They focus on strategic pricing, profitability improvement, strategic planning and execution, sales effectiveness and acquisition facilitation services. Evergreen is based in Cleveland, Ohio and serves clients throughout North America. Visit or follow them on Twitter @brentgrover

Profit2-Logo_Horizontal_2C-62h.pngProfit2 - Helps distributors identify under-performing customer-item combinations. Take control of your prices and gain 5 to 7 points on 30% of your sales.  Profit2′s customized approach and emphasis on communication gets results. Their clients’ earnings increase an average of 25+% in 3 months. Visit to learn more.

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Cloud ServicesCloud Services

Rackspace hosting cloud solutionDDI System and Rackspace have partnered to offer DDI's Inform ERP distribution software users a cloud / hosted solution to streamline their IT needs. Cloud hosting removes on-site servers, and their upkeep, from your daily operations.

Rackspace - Recognized as the premier managed cloud specialist by some of the biggest companies in the world, they can help you build, manage, monitor, and maintain your hosted environment. Their experts (including Database Administrators, Red Hat® Certified Engineers, Microsoft® Certified Professionals, and more) can help you succeed - anytime, anywhere. Visit or follow them on Twitter @rackspace.

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EDIElectronic Data Interchange (EDI)

DDI System's Inform ERP offers wholesale distributors the ability to electronically send and receive important purchasing documents through the Inform EDI Data Gateway. These processes run invisibly in the background and do not disturb the workflow process. Authorized users are notified when the process completes. 

This EDI feature is especially helpful to distributors who are members of industry buying groups as this gateway helps to streamline everyday processes. We also have many buying group specific integrations already in place - just ask us!

Inform EDI Data Gateway includes 5 standard EDI maps: 

  • 810 Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice (inbound from vendor)
  • 867 Product Resale Report (outbound to vendor)

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Electronic Proof of DeliveryElectronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of DeliveryOur easy-to-use electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system turns every customer invoice into a signed 'proof-of-delivery' document. Using inexpensive iPod touch and Android devices, drivers collect customer delivery signatures. The Inform ERP system automatically embeds these electronic signatures as permanent proof-of-delivery signatures on customer invoices and sales orders.

Easily view, email, fax or print these archived POD’s from any Inform workstation, Inform eCommerce, or MobiOrder sales app screen.

Counter sale customers sign for their merchandise using a simple, wired signature capture device. Immediately print signed delivery documents at the point-of-sale (POS).

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WMSWireless Warehouse Management

Barcode Scanning in Inform Wireless Warehouse ManagementInform WMS eliminates hours of tracking misplaced products and inaccurate, paper-based inventory counts. Inform WMS is a real-time order and inventory management system, using ruggedized Motorola RF barcode reader terminals, designed exclusively for wholesale distribution companies

Align warehouse operations with best practices for near-zero errors. Our WMS (warehouse management system) is designed for rapid implementation and personalized configuration to fit your particular inventory warehouse processes and workflows. Gain precision in inventory counts, 99% order fulfillment accuracy, and eliminate hours of tracking down misplaced parts. 

Coming soon: Inform WMS 'License Plating' - manage a group of items as a single unit. Picked orders and pallets are assigned a 'barcoded license plate' allowing you to efficiently manage the shipping, transferring, and truck loading of mixed pallets and boxes with a single scan.

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Shipping Solution OptionsShipping Solution Options

Connect Inform sales order fulfillment with major shipping options including UPS WorldShip, FedEx ShipManager and Roadnet Technologies truck routing.

Add these time saving distribution shipment tools to eliminate shipping errors and streamline processes. Automatically read ship-to addresses and instantly attach hyper-linked tracking numbers. You can also include charges on Inform sales orders as well as add freight charges and optional surcharges to customer invoices.

Roadnet Technologies shipping solution

Roadnet Anywhere - Reduce your overall costs with Roadnet Technologies’ routing & dispatching software for businesses with less than 30 trucks.
Roadnet Transportation Suite - Effectively manage the ‘big picture’ with a complete shipping solution to plan (route, load), collect real-time data (dispatch, GPS) and analyze results through reporting.

UPS shipping solution integrationUPS WorldShip Integration - UPS WorldShip’s benefits extend beyond the warehouse. By setting up data feeds into and out of UPS WorldShip, you can streamline order entry, customer service, accounting, procurement, and billing processes.

FedEx shipping solution integration

FedEx Ship Manager - This powerful hardware gives you a full range of shipping functions to handle large volumes & automate your entire shipping process. High volume shippers can improve efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate paperwork.

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Electronic Document ScanningElectronic Document Scanning (eDOCS)

eDOCS Document ScanningDrive out the costs and inefficiencies of clerical filing, annual paper purges and rows of file cabinets. Inform distribution software document scanning feature helps distributors evolve to a paperless operation. Electronically scan documents including vendor packing lists, accounts payable invoices, customer purchase orders and payments, tax exempt certificates and credit applications, job submittals, and project drawings. e-DOCS improves inter-office communication and record keeping.

All Inform ERP software users have access to critical files, enabling them to answer customer questions and quickly resolve vendor issues.

Inform permanently attaches scanned documents to the corresponding record as PDF files, ready for viewing, printing, faxing, or emailing. 

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Card Processing ServicesCard Processing Services


Cayan's Genius technology protects distributors using EMV certified processing for complete PCI compliance.  The Cayan processing gateway integrates processing and payment acceptance or can provide payment acceptance through multiple merchant processors. Over 80,000 merchants use Cayan including well known, high-volume retailers Party City, Do It Best Hardware, PUMA, and Harley Davidson. 

Security focused: Fully encrypted and tokenized, cardholder data never passes to POS, e-commerce or merchant systems

Speedy Counter Experience: Give your customers the flexibility of paying with lightning-fast chip card transactions, debit cards with PINs or swipes

Hacker-proof: Cayan's Genius technology protects distributors using EMV certified processing for complete PCI compliance

Future-proof: Stay on top of changes in the industry, customer behavior and business requirements with updates delivered seamlessly via the cloud to every device

Learn more about Cayan Payment Processing »

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Product Information ManagementProduct Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management content hub - inside sales, mobile platforms, eCommerce storefronts, leading online sales channels, and business reportingManage product images, spec sheets, website links and e-commerce descriptions with the same distribution software system you use for daily operations. Inform ERP becomes your content ‘Hub’.

Inform's Product Information Management system goes well beyond descriptions, costs, and packaging details. It stores four types of product descriptions, images, specification sheets, MSD sheets, videos and online links, as well as the menu structure for your Inform eCommerce site. Additional content includes substitute products, upsell bundles, related products and more. 

Inform product content also instantly populates your cloud connected selling channels including Inform eCommerce, MobiOrderInform reports, Inform SellerBridge (connects to your B2C / retail e-commerce site and leading online stores such as Amazon and Overstock) and customer price books.

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Content ProvidersContent Providers

Inform ERP is a single-source content hub, accepting and organizing content from an unlimited number of sources. Use product spreadsheets and data from buying groups and manufacturers, or integrate with select content providers for automated updates.

As your content hub, Inform distribution software maximizes the value of the product content you import and improve upon over time. Store and use images, extended descriptions, related items, substitute product, and links to manufacturer sites. Use these valuable selling tools while building a price quote, during sales order entry, on reports and price books. This information also instantly populates your Inform eCommerce storefront and DDI's mobile sales app.

Computer Pundits CorpComputer Pundits Corporation (CPC) - Develops and markets catalog ready content, and a suite of complimentary services that help businesses around the world present and manage their product information in more efficient and innovative ways. Visit or follow them on Twitter @cpundits

Trade Service solutions for electrical, plumbing, HVAC industriesTradeService - Leading provider of standardized product and price information to the electrical, plumbing, PHCP, PVF, HVACR, industrial MRO, and office products distribution industries. Solutions include software, databases & printed books for contractors & distributors. Visit or follow them on Twitter @tradesvc.

Unilog content provider for plumbing and electricalUnilog - Content provider for dozens of distributors in the industrial, JanSan, plumbing, and electrical supply trade. Their CIMM2 software is a reliable and powerful content management system, making search, navigation, payment and shipping easy for your customers by creating a multi-featured online portal. CIMM2 also provides powerful insights into customer behavior with its real-time analytics capabilities. Visit to learn more or follow them on Twitter @unilog1.

J and M Technology content for janitorial and sanitary distributorsJ&M Technologies - Provides janitorial, sanitary supply, and paper distributors with high quality information that integrates seamlessly with Inform ERP & Inform eCommerce. Working with over 1,500 manufacturers, J&M Technologies has amassed a database over of over 250,000 items (images and descriptions).

Lagasse sweet - wholesale source for janitorial, sanitary, foodservice productsLagasse Sweet - The industry’s leading pure wholesale source of janitorial, sanitary, food service and disposable products for distributors. They offer not only comprehensive product selection but also the largest available catalog, along with an electronic commerce database. Visit to learn more.

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Trading PartnersTrading Partners

Trading Partners integration workflowsDDI System partners with many industry buying groups. DDI's Inform distribution management software offers integrations for automated data exchange of sales orders, purchase orders, PO confirmations, monthly reports and more.

Our development team works with dozens of Inform users to build data exchange services between trading partners, including customers and vendors. We understand that our users succeed by creating a specialized niche and services for their customers. We can help you structure and automate those services.

Ask us about the custom workflows we have created, and what we can develop for your company’s needs. 

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Financial ManagementFinancial Management

Financial Reports for accounts receivable, A/R, accounts payable

Accounts Receivable Improve profitability with instant, real-time access to all transactions. With organized, up-to-date information at your fingertips, DDI’s Inform ERP software makes it easier than ever to keep track of customers with open balances, apply payments, adjust invoices, and more. Integrated CRM (customer relationship management) empowers your collection, sales, and customer service teams by giving them a shared place to maintain and review a history of all customer interactions.

Monitor A/R Collection IssuesTrap orders for customers who are becoming credit risks with automatic, real-time aging and credit-limit checks during order entry. Lists of customers with overdue balances are automatically sent to your collection team on a daily basis, making it easy for them to solicit payments and preventing even the smallest open balances from slipping through the cracks.

Accounts PayableAchieve more precise product costing and efficiently manage your vendor payments with Inform’s easy-to-use invoicing and cash disbursement tools. Our logically organized A/P workflow makes it easy to take care of last minute invoices at the end of the day, as you can quickly enter it and print out a check in minutes!  Lost or incorrect checks are easily voided with the click of a button.

Financial ReportingSophisticated reporting that is remarkably easy to use! Eliminate time consuming end of day and month postings and maintain access to all of your historical accounting data. All transactions post to the general ledger in real-time and can be sorted by G/L source, branch, or profit center, giving you data that is accurate and organized.

Bank Reconciliation Bank Reconciliation in ERP software- Reconciling your bank accounts is a snap with the help of Inform software’s detailed bank reconciliation screen.

  • Color coded reconciliation balance - Updates as you check off transactions, making it easy to match to your bank statement.
  • Drill-down function - Lets you view details of underlying transactions for any item.
  • Bank Reconciliation Report - Saves your work, even after you’ve reconciled, allowing you to review your bank reconciliation for later adjustment.

Drive Out CostsRe-engineer and streamline every aspect of your accounting and financial reporting. Inform ERP eliminates multi-part forms and filing, postings and end-of-day processing. Inform automatically archives customer invoices, statements, journals and financial reports. Simply reprint, fax or email documents on demand.

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