Tech Today #2: Sales Force Mobility Isn't Just About Providing a Device

Posted by Jennifer Rosvally - 02 February, 2017

field-sales-mobility-sm.pngWhat does it mean to have a mobile sales team?  It’s a question that gets a variety of answers depending on who you ask.  Ask a sales person and they’ll likely tell you that to be truly mobile, they need access to the same information they would have in the office at any point in time, no matter where they are.  Ask a business owner, and they’ll say their teams have smartphones and maybe even a VPN. But the reality is, those two things are very, very different and have a tremendous impact on field productivity and the success of that salesperson. 

Salespeople and distributors with the right information, at the right time, provide better service than their competitors.  As a result, they build stronger, more loyal relationships that resist simple price competition. 60% of high performing sales teams use a mobile sales app today, enabling these salespeople to double their sales performance. Mobility allows your sales team to be much more productive, serve customers with immediacy and authority, and streamline communication with the home office – resulting in more time with customers and closing more sales. Sales reps without access to critical information—like the kind baked into an embedded CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for example—end up having to update opportunity data when they’re back in an office environment, thus increasing the administrative burden and reducing selling time.

As a business owner, innovative technology solutions need to be something you’re acting on to remain competitive among market disruption.  If sales reps can’t access the critical data and applications needed to service the customer in the field, then those expensive iPhones and iPads are nothing but glorified email readers.

The largest gap between top performing companies and under-achievers (57% vs. 40%) lies in their ability to successfully integrate sales intelligence and the CRM platform.

Staying competitive requires easy-to-use, real-time access to information that makes your sales team more valuable to their customers. Engaging a customer in their offices or on a job site, with up-to-the-minute stock availability and price, proof -of-delivery, or an instant, emailed price quote sets you apart.  A solution such as DDI System's MobiOrder delivers real-time, touch-enabled mobile access to sales order creation, customer service / customer account details and territory performance dashboards. Your sales team can drill-down into orders, invoices, sales history and customer specific information—anytime, anywhere.

The good news is that your sales teams are already walking around with a cloud device in their pocket. Now is the time to empower teams with sales enablement tools that allow them to scope and close business with ease.  When evaluating your options, ensure you take into consideration how easily your ERP software can integrate with mobile options and how much content will be available. These are the new customer expectations for ERP software for distributors.

To learn more about how DDI's Inform ERP is empowering sales teams on-the-go with solutions like MobiOrder, please complete the form on the sidebar.

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