Paper and Packaging

Inform ERP helps paper and packaging suppliers achieve growth

Dedicated to Inspiring Growth for Paper & Packaging Distributors

With well over 300 JanSan, Paper & Packaging and Foodservice distributors throughout North America, Inform ERP is interactively developed and improved with the active participation of our committed user base.

  • Achieve top-performing sales management and order fulfillment
  • Leverage embedded CRM and integrated eCommerce to grow
  • Experience best-in-class purchasing and inventory management
  • Transform your customer service model and exceed customer expectations

Driving Innovation for Leading Paper and Packaging Organizations:

Market-Specific Features for Paper & Packaging Distributors

  • 'Margin Manager' pricing system eliminates ‘profit leaks’ throughout your operations and guarantees that selling prices are constantly updated to stay ahead of cost increases
  • Group calendaring, task and event management, and advanced CRM functions
  • Inform tracks rebates for you supporting fixed, deviated cost, and percentage rebates, with or without deviated selling price
  • Inform's powerful analytics let users see the strengths and weaknesses of your sales and inventory for immediate action

What DDI Clients Are Saying:

We know more about the customers than the customer knows about themselves. That component gives us the innovation we need to have. It’s the demand, the perfection, the day to day operation that customers need from us that allows us to be much more productive for them.

Jorge S. To Rise Supplies

We saw an opportunity to reach the next generation of buyers and companies, and one of the ways to do that is to have the eCommerce platform which allows customers the ability to order online. DDI’s Inform eCommerce gives us that capability, and allows us to cast a much larger shadow than we really are as a company and compete with much larger companies.

Todd T. Atlantic Paper & Supply

Inform is intuitive, very easy to use and easy to train. It enabled us to increase our efficiency just because of the fact that it’s so easy to use as well as user friendly. Our salespeople use it for mobile order entry to view the customer’s history or make suggestions to customers. It’s been a fantastic tool for us to be able to grow our sales significantly in the last 5-6 years without adding additional internal resources.

We’ve been able to improve our margins by utilizing Inform nearly 2%. We use customer price letters, customer price matrices, and also the margin enhancement features.

Greg T. Sikes Paper Company

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DPA Buying Group
The United Group
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