JanSan Paper and Packinging Wholesale software

Inform ERP is designed for JanSan, Paper and Packaging distributors. With well over 300 JanSan Paper, Packaging, and Foodservice distributors throughout North America, Inform ERP is interactively developed and improved with the active participation of our users.

Our solution delivers the top-performing system for sales management and order fulfillment - featuring Inform's uniquely embedded CRM. As part of the everyday process of quoting, order entry, and basic account management, Inform's CRM will transform your customer service capability. Inform also delivers best-in-class purchasing and inventory management, complete financial management, sales history and pricing, business reporting and analysis, online business, warehouse automation, and more.

Strategic Customer Pricing

Inform's comprehensive Margin Manager pricing system eliminates ‘profit leaks’ throughout your operation and guarantees selling prices are constantly updated to stay ahead of cost increases.

  • Margin Manager maintains a unique price list for every customer, ship-to, and product. Inform supports customer and vendor price contracts, flexible 'loads', sales-history pricing, cost-plus, and list / discount structures
  • Printed and online customer reorder forms
  • Print or export Excel price books with images
  • Our simple-to-use price change notification system advises customers of pending price changes with mail / fax / email merged notification letters

Dramatically Boost Customer Service

Use Inform ERP’s CRM contact system to interact and engage with your customers at a more personal level. Strengthen your relationships by orienting yourself in every interaction with the latest company-wide activity with your customer. From the contact screen, review comments, open and completed to-do's, launch a quote or sales order, the OrderPad, pivot table sales analysis, or our remarkable sales opportunity analysis.

  • Inform's embedded CRM is transparent to your users. Since it's a normal part of the daily workflow, you have guaranteed adoption and more effective selling
  • Inform CRM automatically builds an improved and complete marketing list simply through daily use, sending quotes and messages, and ensuring a better return on your marketing investments
  • Revitalize your field sales and sales management team with integrated scheduling and call reports
  • Use Inform's CRM in the office and in the field with touch and tablet-based MobiOrder (Inform's sales app)

Real-Time E-Commerce

Integrated Inform eCommerce is a highly-configurable e-commerce site and customer self-service portal.

  • Real-Time Customer Specific Information - Customers have instant access to their current pricing, inventory availability and order status. Customers easily email themselves invoices, proof-of-deliveries (POD’s) and purchase history reports.
  • Highly Customizable - DDI's professional designers help set-up your site to mirror your company logo and colors.
  • Easily Manage Your Online Offering - Manage product images, spec sheets, website links and e-commerce descriptions from a single Inform screen, making it very easy to maintain an accurate and reliable online presence. Inform stores multiple online product descriptions, images, specification sheets, videos, your site's navigation structure and more.
  • Increase Sales with Upsell Items - Additional offerings highlight substitute products, upsell bundles, and related products.
  • Online Marketing Opportunities - Manage rotating homepage banners in Inform to deliver several core messages. Easily keep your website fresh and engaging while promoting new products, customer training, seasonal supplies or even clearance events. 

Manage Vendor Rebates

Inform tracks rebates for you with support for fixed, deviated cost and percentage rebates, with or without deviated selling price. Rebate contracts also support item-specific loads that boost and preserve margin. Specialized reporting for Georgia Pacific, 3M, Kimberly Clark, and Diversey supplements Inform's robust standard rebate reports.

  • Eliminate hours and days of paperwork every month with real-time rebate calculation
  • Inform tracks rebates due and generates consolidated rebate reports for each vendor

Market-Specific Functionality for Your Operations

  • Equipment repair and serial number tracking
  • Built-in attachments and document imaging create paperless workflows
  • EDI and automated integrations for many buying groups and manufacturers
  • Advanced forecasting for seasonal, sporadic, and recurring products
  • External, productivity boosting integrations for e-commerce, order automation, customer, vendor and cloud connectivity

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