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Run a Seamless Operation, No Matter the Challenge

As a leading software solution provider for the HVAC/R industry, DDI System understands what it takes to deliver on operational excellence. Our partnerships with hundreds of HVAC distributor clients help make Inform ERP a powerful and unique solution. Inform keeps HVAC/R distributors among the most technologically capable and successful in their industry.

  • Inspire a super-fast counter experience with copy and paste order entry and suggested upsell items
  • Automate unique processes including counter sales, cross references, job management and eCommerce
  • Unlock barriers to sales with embedded CRM

Clients Succeeding with Inform ERP:

Market-Specific Functionality for Your Operations

  • Fast and intuitive operations for busy counter sales
  • Advanced warranty and returned product management
  • Vendor rebate costing and accounting functions
  • Contract pricing for customers and vendors
  • Assemblies and disassemblies, kits and kit modifications, light manufacturing
  • Job tracking with quotes, orders, sales, purchases, reporting, tasks, events, and activity history
  • Serial number receiving automation, selling, transferring and lookup
  • EDI plus automated procurement workflows for BLUE HAWK, Goodman, American Standard and more


DDI System has helped us to increase our efficiency within our organization by providing free updates with new releases. New features and reports roll out and we’re able to use those reports in day-to-day operations. We have a better idea of what’s going on and controlling our data as well as the ability to see the performance of our salespeople and other personnel in the organization.

By having the additional technology on board, it helped us with our customers because we were able to provide them with better answers to where their order is, what the status is, when the completion is going to be. It also helps us to better have a handle on the inventory that we have on hand and locate right product for our customers when they need it.

Jason S. Bender

Inform has truly been an end-to-end solution for our company as so far as sales orders, operations all the way to providing an ecommerce B2B website for our customers as well.

I love the calendar feature, it helps me map out my day. It's very easy to track customers on the sales end, their performance year over year, if they’re up, if they’re down, what products they’re buying, it makes it really easy to use. Purchasing has been a lot easier with the forecast feature, it kind of builds a purchase order for you and you don’t have to go look at every single item, it kinda knows what you need to order and you can tweak it.

Brady G. Commercial Specialists, Inc.

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