Electrical & Lighting Distributors

A Brilliant Solution for Electrical & Lighting Distributors

DDI System’s Inform ERP distribution management solution is an integrated, all-inclusive software designed for electrical distributors & lighting showrooms.

  • Experience the automation you need while delivering a quick ROI.
  • Handle order and inventory management with ease using Inform’s Windows-based interface
  • Cater to all customers with flexible pricing controls, showroom and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Leverage integrated point-of-sale capabilities for wholesale distribution and walk-up showroom sales

A Few of the Clients Succeeding with Inform ERP:

Designed with Electrical & Lighting Distributors in Mind

  • Price matrix handles over 30 different combinations of product, customer and rebate contract pricing
  • Better workflows transform your business into a more efficient, smoother running operation
  • Integrated POS system provides the features and workflow you need to combine your wholesale distribution business with profitable walk-up and retail trade
  • Built-in data mapping utilizes manufacturer provided product data for economical distributor-driven content creation


Our move to DDI has improved the customer experience and our bottom line. Every facet of our operation from sales to operations has benefited from the conversion. Our sales staff reduces mistakes. A majority of orders ship complete with better inventory control. Integrated delivery manifest helps keep the staff informed. Proof of Delivery calls are nonexistent. Pricing options allow margins to increase and material cost remain updated. Invoice processing time is reduced with email and fax options. All these items equal better results with less staff. DDI’s Inform is the answer for our operation.

Kevin R. Bay Lighting

Processes that once took us minutes can now be done in seconds, and processes that once took hours can now be done in a fraction of the time. This has allowed us to reduce our administrative staff while at the same time provide a higher level of service to our customers, as well as increased accuracy with our data.

Patrick S. Shaw Supply

Most everyone loves it, almost from day one. The integration went very smoothly, it was great, only took a couple days and we were up and running. DDI's Inform is much better for us than MAS200 was.The feature we love about DDI most is the usability. Most people who start to work for us are up and running within a day, and say that it’s very easy to use and intuitive. We love all the new things that DDI keeps coming out with, and it really is very good on keeping us in the cutting edge of things that are out there.

Scott S. Hill Electric Supply

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