DDI System Welcomes the GDS Community!

General Data Systems and DDI System are now partners for your success, bringing together our mutual history of exceptional customer service and technology solutions. We are excited to bring our companies together with you, and help you prosper!

In-Depth Overview
Contact Allen Whiting by email, or call (314) 222-5280 and schedule an in-depth look at DDI's Inform ERP Software.

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We invite you to learn more about Inform ERP for GDS users. Contact us to get a needs assessment, schedule a live demonstration session, or ask us questions. Get an in-depth view of Inform's robust capabilities, advantages and tools to compete in today's digital environment.

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DDI's Story

DDI System was founded in 1995 and today drives success at over 850 distributors throughout North America. Adam Waller, our company's founder, leveraged experience building technology at his family-owned distribution business, giving DDI System a unique understanding of success factors for company's like yours. DDI's mission is to deliver innovative, high-performing technology to inspire business growth. 


Operational Excellence

Achieving operational excellence goes beyond creating lean inventories, intuitive financials and understanding performance analytics. Inform helps distributors uncover inefficiencies and lower operational costs with Inform's extraordinary sales order system, advanced demand management, and unparalleled reporting. Inform unites your team through CRM and mobility, providing communication and insights to exceed customer expectations.


Transition Expertise

DDI's Project Managers instill confidence with a devoted team of data migration & training experts. Our experienced Project Managers support your company with years of experience in understanding workflows, identifying opportunities for best practices, knowledge transfer, and ensuring a timely, successful transition. Step-by-step progress reviews keep the transition on track, so your company can go-live with confidence.


Inform CRM

The best businesses don’t leave critical moments with customers to chance. Inform's embedded Customer Relationship Management system strengthens customer interactions through engagement touch points. The result is a superior customer experience, increased spending, decreased price sensitivity, and resistance to competitive overtures. 


Inform Mobility

Drive performance with access to customer-specific data from anywhere elevating customer engagement. DDI's mobile solutions (QuickOrder & MobiOrder) provide instant access to customer data when you need it most. Leverage real-time customer data for superior customer service and remain a distributor of choice with pricing, inventory & quotes anytime, anywhere.


Inform eCommerce

Use Inform eCommerce, a core business component, to service customers 24/7. Our unified platform quickly deploys a smartphone-ready storefront powered by real-time information from Inform ERP. Our eCommerce solution provides a powerful customer-specific portal for price and stock, orders and invoices, with reusable ERP product content.