The Inform Road Map For better distributors

Inform ERP: Positions You for Future Growth

DDI System's award winning innovations in wholesale distribution ERP software make our Inform ERP Software users better distributors. DDI System publishes Inform enhancements two to three times annually. These enhancements come from customer suggestions, our innovations team, and the ever-evolving technology market. Here is a look into our future road map for enhancements over the next 18 months.

The future road map consists of the future Inform Cloud user interface, automated order and A/P entry, improved customer engagement management calendars, CRM refinements, and mobile responsive eCommerce web design, just to name a few. 

Long Distance Road Map - Inform Cloud

Inform Cloud will launch in 2018 and set a new standard for feature-rich ERP in the browser. Building on the remarkable Inform 2 interface nearing completion this year, Inform Cloud is a natural, easy migration for any Inform ERP user.


Customizable Interface Now Features Personalization by Role

icons-by-role-lg.jpgDifferent roles within your organization use different parts of the distribution software. Inform allows for ease-of-use for each role by customizing the look and feel of the application to suit individual employee needs.

Inform ERP's 'Fast Click Menu' quickly and easily allows users to select the menu items they use most, placing them along the top row. Each user maintains their own icons based on their specific role and needs within the company - streamlining the software to highlight the screens they need to use most often!

Prefer green over blue? That's OK too! Inform ERP Software also allows individual users to select from multiple theme options to further customize their software experience. 


Improved Order Entry Means Faster and Easier Counter Sales

improved-counter-sales.jpgInform ERP distribution software's streamlined order entry is a faster and easier way to generate sales orders. Quick-start order entry lets you begin building a product list, then select the customer later, automatically repricing the products on your order or quote.

New copy / paste functionality allows you to copy an order list from another application and simply paste the list into an Inform order. This feature is a huge time saver when your customers email you their orders!


Sales Order Fulfillment

Backordered Item Disposition - for any quantity not available at the time of order entry, Inform's new 'Disposition' workflow prompts the user to select a procurement method.

  • Drop ship from vendor
  • Drop ship from another branch
  • Transfer from another branch
  • Cross dock from vendor
  • Request PO from Buyer

Zero Errors, 99% Order Fulfillment Accuracy with WMS

Warehouse management

Our WMS (wireless warehouse management system) automatically tracks misplaced products plus eliminates inaccurate, paper-based inventory counts. DDI System's real-time order / inventory management system, Inform WMS, is designed for wholesale distributors.

New to Inform WMS, 'License Plating' allows you to manage a group of items as a single unit. Picked orders and pallets are assigned a 'bar coded license plate'. This 'plate' allows your team to efficiently manage the shipping, transferring, and truck loading of mixed pallets and boxes with a single scan.

Inform's WMS system has saved us time by tracking overflow products and avoiding the need to hunt down misplaced inventory. Productivity is up without the need for a full time person to manually double check all of the orders!" - Milhench Supply Company

Recent Updates to Productivity Boosters

  • Advanced Demand Forecasting & Purchasing
  • Container Tracking
  • Automated Cycle Counts
  • New KPI's
  • Customer Pricing Import

It's Time to Position Yourself for Future Growth 

With so many enhancements fine-tuned for wholesale distributors and suppliers, combined with the clarity of DDI's Inform ERP road map for the future, the time is right to help your business evolve. Submit the form or call 877-599-4334 to contact us and  learn more about how Inform ERP will maximize your productivity and profitability - today and tomorrow.