INFORM Customer ENGAGEMENT Management (CEM)

Capitalize on Customer Relationships 

Inform bridges the gap between ERP, the system that optimizes business operations, and CRM, the system that optimizes your relationship with customers and potential customers.

Cust_Contact_with_activities.pngSalespeople and distributors with the right information, at the right time, provide better service than their competitors. Managed Customer Engagement helps build stronger, more loyal relationships that resist simple price competition.

Inform CEM, Customer Engagement Management, puts detailed contact information at the forefront of every engagement with your customer.

Begin customer interactions in the contact CEM screen, briefly orienting yourself with contact notes, A/R, rank, and activity history. Launch a pre-filled sales order or price quote. Get a quick Pivot Table sales analysis or run a sales opportunity report. Instantly answer questions with the one-click order inquiry, price inquiry,  and add a follow up activity.


Inform CRM and Dashboard Home ScreenInform
CEM is threaded throughout daily operations, so you can easily add activities to quotes and orders, while creating visibility on individual and group calendars. Your inside and field sales team better manages their contacts and prospects with productive follow-up activities and history. Management gets a 360° view of team activities and sales results.

  • Synchronize Inform events across devices and other calendars.
  • Give your salespeople a simple, focused set of analytics with Salesperson Analysis.
  • Provide salespeople with seamless, actionable insight into their territory with Inform's Salesperson Dashboard


Salesperson DashboardInform CRM Interactive Sales Dashboard

Salesperson-specific, interactive territory dashboard provides actionable insights into order status, backorders, sales and profit performance. One click to details of any related order, product, sale or credit.



Automatic Customer RankingCustomer_Ranking

Wholesale distributors use this powerful analysis to strategically price customers, reassign selling resources, and guide marketing efforts.

Inform evaluates your customers based on 6 optional parameters, including the popular concept of RFM, (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) to help you measure customer value. Our ranking methodology also includes Gross Profit, and Cost to Serve measures. Including lines-shipped and days-to-pay.

Sales Pipeline Forecastingopportunity-pipeline.jpg

Build and proactively manage sales opportunities, including nurturing bids and quotes, tracking follow up, and managing the performance of assigned salespeople. Inform CRM helps wholesale distributors generate new product sales and grow revenue.


Use Inform CRM and CEM to manage the entire lifecycle of your customers:

  • Prospects and prospect import
  • Customer Rewards program
  • Customer activity and activity history views
  • CRM activity reporting
  • Due-to-Buy and on-screen opportunity reporting
  • User-defined fields for contacts, customers, and prospects
  • Marketing list creation using who-bought-what sales history