DDI System's Inform ERP is a configurable application with industry-specific workflows for the jansan, paper, packaging, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fastener, industrial and other wholesale supply industries. 

Integrate your wholesale distribution needs with Inform ERP software. Inform combines inventory management software – including wireless warehouse management (WMS) – with accounting and bookkeeping, multi-dimensional pricing , mobile sales and vendor managed inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM), not to mention eCommerce, front-end operations and back-end logistics. With this one robust, considerably complex and powerful ERP software solution, you can prevent issues associated with loosely connected but important segments of your business’s data.

With a mix of vertical market-specific features, leading edge functionality, and outstanding support, DDI System will help you too! Call us today at (877) 599-4334 or email sales@ddisys.com.


Personalized Transitions 

DDI has successfully converted companies from applications such as Eclipse, P21, UBS, Distribution One, IST, Step 1, StanPak, Infor, Sage, QuickBooks, custom systems and more. Our proven transition methods have ensure a smooth conversion with minimal interruption. Based on a recent survey, 95% of Inform users were happy with their transition experience!

Customer Support

Highly qualified customer care technicians are available to answer all of your questions. Ongoing training programs allow you to stay up to date with the latest system features. An active online community boosts peer interaction and user networking.

The Latest in Technology

Inform ERP, staying up to date with current technological trends.

Programmers with a passion for current and future technology trends ensure Inform remains on the cutting edge! Whether it’s incorporating CRM functionality or creating a single-system real-time e-Commerce solution, our team will meet and often exceed your company’s every need.


Client Services Portal

Extensive Client Services Portal for Inform ERP

Search the extensive 'Knowledgebase' for articles and tips about Inform software. Network with fellow users, post community questions, and read about new features in our free software updates. The Client Services Portal is your continual access to recent news and announcements! 

eLearning Videos

Benefit with DDI's eLearning Videos

DDI System's Inform users learn how to use various features of our software on their own time, at their own pace. Our online video library evolves with our feature set - allowing companies to bring new employees up to speed quickly, enhance skillsets or refresh themselves with best practices.

Inform Connects

DDI's bi-annual Inform User Conference

DDI System's bi-annual user conference has become one of our most popular events. Inform users converge for intensive training sessions, roundtable discussions, industry speakers, networking opportunities and more.