Optimizing customer Engagement Online & In Person

Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 11am ET (8am PT)

Inform ERP’s modern-day platform delivers the tools distributors need to engage with customers live or online. During this webinar, we’ll show you how DDI System’s Inform ERP streamlines customer ordering with the latest self-service tools and innovative technology including:
  • Dedicated customer portal for easy online ordering and 24/7 customer connectivity
  • Smart eCommerce populated by the data within Inform ERP
  • Onsite ordering through Vendor Managed Inventory technology
  • Threaded CRM that drives elevated service at the counter
Participants will get a live view of how a simplified customer order experience incites loyalty, increases sales and helps you stand out as a distributor of choice. Learn how top distributors are taking business to the next level with a unified ERP that offers unparalleled eCommerce for both B2B and B2C impact.
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