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Friday, November 17, 2017 at 11am ET / 8am PT

Dispelling the Myths of Integrated ERP

Get all the functionality you need for efficient operations and an entrance into CRM, mobile operations, and easily adoptable eCommerce.  Gain control over your operations with advanced inventory, accounting and industry leading purchase forecasting. The latest eCommerce, mobile and CRM tools for Inform ERP will increase your connectivity and profitability. Our next webinar will spotlight how Inform helps distributors:

 Streamline Operations and Increase Productivity
Inform ERP is designed to optimize distribution operations by creating lean inventories, managing financials, delivering performance analytics and more.

 Engage with Customers to Grow Business 
The best businesses don't leave critical moments with customers to chance. Customer Engagement Management tools are intricately woven throughout the application to keep your customers at the forefront of every conversation.

   Excel in the Field with Greater Mobility 
Access customer specific data to elevate performance. Enable your sales team on the go with deep access to information that boosts profits.

  Sell More Online with Customer-Driven eCommerce 
Sell more online and compete in the biggest marketplaces. Inform eCommerce unifies your platform by connecting your customer website to information in your Inform database.