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Your customers are the heart of your distribution business, so we've embedded the tools you need to put them first - right where you need them and easily accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Inform ERP Software is designed to optimize distribution operations - creating lean inventories, managing financials, delivering performance analytics and more. It's also the only ERP solution with advanced CRM (customer relationship management) functionality embedded throughout the software. This approach keeps customers coming back, increasing sales and strengthening your profitability. 

Manage your distribution operations, link calendar events and tasks to PO's, eliminate missed sales opportunities, gain the ability to send proactive marketing, and know what your customers are due-to-buy at any given moment. This is just the beginning. Inform ERP allows you to easily manage customers and prospects, increasing service and sales. It's time to see how your customers will be put first and foremost for your entire team.

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DDI's Inform software saved us over 3 days of pricing work a week! It's like adding a salesforce. Inform has alleviated us from all pricing problems because it does the whole thing. This system is everything Eclipse was at 1/3 the cost. Plus, support is excellent! We really appreciate the great service.

Avco Supply